Fifteen months of fighting cancer revealed one consistent truth. The world is full of kindness. Kindness from strangers. Kindness from friends. Kindness from family.

In this next phase of my life, I want to pursue kindness and see where it will lead me.

Everyday we feed ourselves–breakfast, news, social media, lunch, books, radio, television, dinner.  Much of what we feed ourselves is negatively driven.  Stories of hurt and loss.  Stories of cruelty and frustration.  Though this is what I see on the television, this isn’t the world I know.  There is kindness in my every day, if I pay attention, I will see kindness overflowing.

I ask that you pay attention with me.  Let us speak of good deeds and kind actions.  Let us not be driven by fear and hurt.

Please be a part of this next stage of my life. Share with me your story of kindness by letting me capture the unique beauty that defines your family.