A story of kindness

There is a book in the radiation waiting room.  It is simply a blank page and people fill it with whatever they want.  I read many stories written here. For seven years, women chose to write messages of encouragement. I did not find one entry that was negative.  Hundreds of women, in the midst of the most trying moments of their life, chose to stop and express a grateful heart.

If one thing has been magnified during this process, it is that kindness is alive and well in our lives.  If I asked you to tell me a story of kindness in your life, that might be hard. You may need to think back a week, or a month before you come upon a memorable act.

When I was sick I needed help with every daily task.  I did not have set expectation of what people should do for me.  Every action was new and so I recognized each effort.  I did not feel a guarantee that someone would show up with dinner.  I did not feel entitled to babysitters every weekend.  I did not expect cards in the mail or flowers after a hard day.  Instead I accepted each action as one of kindness.

My new situation brought new perspective. I found that kindness is alive and all around me.

I encourage you to not wait for a season of difficulty before you seek out the kindness in your life.  Let my experience change your perspective.

Set aside your expectations.  Look for kindness and you will find it.


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