In pursuit of : retreat

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation.” 2 Corinthians 5:17

In December of last year I started pumping myself with small amounts of poison.  You would be surprised how little poison it took to strip me of who I was.  The tiniest amounts took me from a healthy woman balancing family and work, to a woman who could barely crawl out of bed.

These small amounts of hurt coursed through my veins.  It wasn’t just my strength, that was gone, I could see it visibly effect in my body.  I spent a lot of time thinking about how every part of me was changed.  Every cell that could grow, would also die because of this poison.

It caused me to start paying attention to my body, especially the parts that die.  Skin becomes dry and can be scraped off.  Fingernails grow and are cut away, as is hair.  New growth is always pushing forward in our bodies.  There is regeneration that we can witness if we are aware.

The earth is here to teach us things of the spirit. Simply by living, I am a new creation, every seven years, but that is my natural state and my natural state is a dim reflection of what I can be, who I am.  If our bodies need to shed the old, I believe our spirits do as well.

Our spiritual life is built on truths and lies.  God provides truth and we understand and accept it at varying levels.  Our life experiences provide us both truth and lies.  We accept both the good and the bad at varying levels.  What I have seen in my flesh is that the tiniest hurt, that I accept and allow to become part of my body, can do great damage.  How much more do the lies hurt our spiritual life?

So, what do we do?  As Christians we are encouraged to daily spiritual washing by reading scripture and seeking God in prayer.  Scripture fills our spirits with what we know to be truth.  Prayer helps us shed the lies that are currently trying to take root in our mind.

I would like to make an argument for more.   We need to actively pursue a deep cleaning of the heart.  A time of contemplation to see what part of us needs attention. A time to pursue spiritual regeneration through revelation.  A time of truly seeking out the “truths” in our lives that are still incomplete.  A time to push past our spiritual shell and step out in newness.

My physical body has required that I retreat from the routines of life for an extended period of time.  I have had time to observe my spirit and the changes that are occurring there.  I am witnessing a deep change and daily, I wonder if I would have taken the time to become this new creation without the cancer’s intervention. So I encourage you, if your body is strong, make a choice for spiritual retreat.  Plan a spa day of the heart.  Be cleansed and take time to push out of your shell.  For we are all becoming new, we simply need to pause in order to observe the change.


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