Beauty, a reflection

I have looked into the mirror and found something lacking.

I do not miss the eyebrows for the sake of brows; or a hairline for the sake of a line.

The lacking lies in a bigger search. A search for what we call beauty.

But as I have grown comfortable with my reflection, whatever that may be, I realize there is more to the word; which is something I may have forgotten for a moment or two.

There is a beauty that comes from a sense of home; from a pleasant word, or phrase spoken in a familiar tone.

There is the smell of onions in butter with a translucent garlic swirling in a copper pan.

A dark velvet pillow that draws you deeper into the couch and urges you to lean back on the one beside you.

There is a comfort in a garden, in need, that draws your fingers into the earth for a gentle touch to loosen the roots.

There is a joy that comes from a place that is forgiving and loving and learning to be kind.

There is a bravery in being needed, wanted, always sought after.

There is beauty in being favored; a confidence that rises from being accepted; a purposed stance that comes from an embrace; and confidence leads the way to re-imagining and redefining.

There is beauty in being good and fair, though this may be difficult when your strength is gone.

But remaining pleasant can sometimes be easier when you are worn, for your brain is too slow for sarcasm; your tongue too thick to hurt.  In this moment, beautifully pleasant can be an option, with a simple smile.

If you are in need of a vision of splendor, adorn yourself with embellishments of hats, crowns, and shimmering distractions.

Just remember to walk boldly in the confidence of your other beauties, or all of  the shimmering  will not do the trick.

Finally there is the beauty of finding yourself ready in the moment, in the trial, in the purpose before you.  Finding you are ready, your hour is right, and you are able to flourish;

Hair or no hair.